How Social Intelligence Can Drive Customer Experience


I recently had the opportunity to review the Forrester Research report entitled, “Defining Social Intelligence.” In this recent report, researcher Allison Smith and team make the point that social listening isn’t enough, and that companies need to leverage the data available from social sources to truly deliver relevant and effective customer experiences.

The report lists a series of specific business functions that can leverage the results from compiling, curating and analyzing data from social sources. These functions include – but are not limited to – reputation management, brand protection, competitive research, market research, display ad targeting, informed marketing messaging, campaign measurement, consumer segmentation, influencer marketing, customer support, lead generation and product innovation.

Across the marketing organization, various groups including customer insights, customer support, interactive marketing, public relations, and research and development among others can effectively utilize social data.

We agree with Forrester.

Take market research as an example. Why survey a few hundred people and speak with a dozen or so in focus groups when you can discover and track online panels numbering in the millions?

We recently started looking at the active lifestyle audience four our work at Tahzoo on behalf of a major financial services company. In short order, we began tracking 2.8 million individuals and not only at a set point in time, but constantly over time. We’ve been following that group for a number of months and have gained some great insight into who they are, what their motivations are, their behaviors, and how they relate to the brand and products offered by our financial services client.

The takeaway is that there has never been a richer source of data to inform customer experience. The higher the relevancy of the experience, the higher the conversion rate, retention and frequency of sharing and advocacy will be.

To access the Forrester Research report in its entirety, click HERE.

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