Russell Wallach of Live Nation on the importance of personalization


aa564e2d-f077-4c22-9d7f-91210f93c44fWith the immense amount of data available to the modern marketer, creating a personal experience for your customer base can be a daunting task. However, forming true customer connection remains vital to brand survival.

Russell Wallach, President of Live Nation’s media and sponsorship division, shares his tips on turning your big data into smart data and personalizing your message:

MMT: Tell us a little about your role at Live Nation.

Russell Wallach: I’m the President of Live Nation’s media and sponsorship division. My focus is on bringing brands into the music space through all of our various platforms, including digital, social, live events, artist programs, and more. We work with brands to come up with once in a lifetime experiences that help enhance the experience for the music fan, whether at the show, watching from their device, or just listening personally. It is exciting to come up with brand new ideas and work in a field so creative, from the musicians themselves to the innovative marketing executives I meet day in and day out, it’s a job full of energy.

MMT: Why is it so important to personalize and conceptualize data in today’s marketing world?

Russell Wallach: It’s extremely important for Live Nation to personalize and assist us to curate meaningful content, discover new shows, and develop the right type of experience for our fans. Personalization means that fans never miss their artist while they are on tour, we are delivering the right message to them, based on first party data we curate. It’s something that we are constantly spending time to improve our personalization tactics, through new data products, both on-line and at our venues, to provide marketers new ways to connect with the music fan like never before.

MMT: What are the greatest perils to the marketer who continues to think big instead of smart when it comes to data?

Russell Wallach: I can only speak for what we do at Live Nation, which is we look at our massive first party database of over 100 million people. We then combine that with secondary data and our retargeting network to better understand the various types of music fans. We look to provide the fans the products and services that will enhance their live and personal music experience. We think there is a great way for brands to be a part of that ecosystem by adding value to the fans and truly being a part of the experience.

MMT: How can the modern marketer begin converting their big data into smart data?

Russell Wallach: Smart data comes from knowing your objective before getting too lost in the process. You have this big database, but you now need to find the right data that applies to your given objective. For example, when we worked with Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts on its Crazy Good Summer program, we knew our demographic for Pop-Tarts – teens – and worked backwards to identify artists that resonate with that group to build out custom events and reach them through their desired platforms on social media. With the tailored data, we were able to yield 1 billion total impressions.

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