PODCAST: Tahzoo’s Ian Truscott on Making Irresistible Marketing Content


Traditional marketing has rapidly given ground to content marketing as new technologies have arisen that enable brands to become their own publisher. However, the emergence of new avenues in which to interact and engage with target audiences has created a situation where key prospects can be inundated with competing marketing messages.

In this environment, it’s essential that a brand’s marketing content is irresistible, engaging and entertaining to the customer – while also delivering the information that they need, when they need it.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss these trends when I recorded a podcast with Ian Truscott, the Senior Vice President of Content Strategy at Tahzoo, and a frequent writer about content strategy, content marketing and customer experience here on Future CX.

During our conversation, we discussed the rise of content marketing, how content plays into customer experience and how brands can ensure that their content is irresistible to their target audience.

Here is what Ian had to say:

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To learn more about making your marketing content irresistible to your customers and prospects, watch Ian’s recent Webinar, “Bacon Content – The Secret Ingredient to Customer Experience,” by clicking HERE.

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