Podcast – Identifying and measuring meaningful customer experience metrics with Tahzoo’s Misia Tramp


Today’s customers interact with brands via their Websites, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and a laundry list of other channels – many more of which are probably being created right now.

These same technologies have also enabled a much richer customer experience, by making it possible for customers and prospects to constantly share information about brands – influencing each other’s experience.

This shifting marketing landscape has created many new challenges for brands – which are often thought of in terms of ensuring situational relevance to customers; is the right message being used in the right channel at the right time? Measures of situational relevance include impression and engagement metrics.
But is situational relevance the right thing to measure, or should brands be aiming for mutual relevance? And if mutual relevance is the goal, what are the KPIs?

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Misia Tramp, Executive Vice President for Tahzoo’s Insights & Innovation Practice, to answer these questions and more.

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For more of Misia’s insights into the changing marketing and customer engagement landscape, register for her upcoming Webinar, “Bacon Content – The Secret Ingredient to Customer Experience,” by clicking HERE.

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