McAfee CMO, Penny Baldwin, on the Rise of the Modern Marketer


Penny BaldwinToday’s marketers wield an increasing amount of pull and influence on their organizations. How can they leverage that influence to foster innovative, creative workplaces and take their companies to the next level? Penny Baldwin, CMO at McAfee, shares her advice:

MMT: Tell us a little about your role at McAfee.

Penny Baldwin: As CMO at McAfee, I’m responsible for leading the company’s global marketing efforts, as well as serving as an active member of the executive leadership team. Our marketing is comprised of brand management and integrated communications, product and solution marketing, field marketing, channel and partner marketing, consumer marketing, corporate communications and government affairs.

MMT: Today’s marketers are gaining more central roles in their organizations. Why do you think that is?

Penny Baldwin: In addition to traditional marketing skills, the CMO is now seen as a trusted business leader, increasingly involved in shaping the overall business strategy, and guiding resource allocation. These expanded responsibilities are responsible for the shift in the role of marketing organizations across the board.

MMT: With more influence, marketers are able to have an impact on company culture. What are your top tips for creating and fostering an innovative and creative workplace environment?

Penny Baldwin: Innovative and creative workplaces are collaborative and connected. Fostering this type of environment doesn’t require expensive perks – it’s about making sure employees are connected to a cause. Once you’ve created that common purpose, teams will rally around it, working together to realize goals.

MMT: If a marketer asked you what one thing they could do right now to take their organization to the next level, what advice would you give them?

Penny Baldwin: Pivot your marketing efforts in favor of digital platforms which scale … make sure your strategy and execution in SEM, social, mobile and .com platforms are dialed in tight.

This article originally appeared in Modern Marketing Today. To read the article in its entirety, click HERE.

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