Getting Personal with Your Marketing


On October 7, 2014, Tahzoo’s John Kottcamp and Misia Tramp will be hosting a Webinar with Loyalty360 entitled, “So you want to get personal?

This event is designed to help senior marketers and customer experience professionals ensure that their content is relevant to their audience and resonates, as opposed to being ignored.

This is a topic that is extremely important for companies actively working to engage customers and prospects at a time when social media, mobile devices and other new technologies have given rise to an almost endless number of avenues in which customers and prospects can interact with their brand.

Although these new technologies create new avenues in which to market and promote the company, they also create new challenges. The way marketers and customer experience professionals segment and identify the audience for their marketing messages has needed to shift dramatically. Ensuring that content is contextually relevant, as well as personalized has also become increasingly essential.

During the Webinar, John and Misia will look at the marketing campaigns presented during some of the largest media events in the past year, including this summer’s World Cup and the past Super Bowl. Through close analysis they will discuss what made some campaigns resonate with customers more so than others. They’ll also show real world examples of how companies have optimized their marketing to provide powerful – and successful – customer experiences.

For additional details about the upcoming Webinar – and to register – click HERE.

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