Getting Personal with Marketing: A Webinar about Personalization and Relevance in Our Omni-Channel World


Tahzoo, a customer experience agency, along with Loyalty 360, recently hosted a webinar on the importance of getting personal with your marketing efforts. And when they say, “getting personal,” they really mean, “making it relevant.”

The hour long webinar, led by Tahzoo’s John Kottcamp and Misia Tramp, discusses how difficult it is to create truly relevant content in our omni-channel world. With consumers being inundated with an increasing amount of media channels and content, the fight to be recognized, relevant and timely is becoming ever more challenging for businesses.

Add to that Misia’s assessment that we are moving from customer relationship management to customer managed relationships – which presents the need to collaborate more with the consumer for mutual benefit – and you can see how difficult breaking through the noise really is for businesses and the marketers who support them.

In addition to relevance and personalization, John and Misia also discussed a number of other topics, including:

  • The success and failure of major marketing campaigns from the last year
  • The demise of the linear customer journey
  • The decline in perception of value for things like Facebook Likes
  • The emergence of social media tribal mentality.

According to Misia, it’s no longer adequate to just have a Facebook, an Instagram and a Twitter account. What’s more important is, “How to align your products and services to what customers are passionate about.” This means that companies have to engage with consumers on those platforms in a way that is related to what they are passionate about in daily life – whether that be finances or the latest health craze.

Throughout the presentation, John and Misia cite a 2012 Forrester’s study where marketers told Forrester their priority was to “differentiate on the basis of customer experience.” Yet, the same study found that only 3% of customers rated their experiences with brands as “excellent.” The data found in the study suggests that there is a true disconnect between what marketers think they are doing in how they interact consumers and how consumers actually view their own customer experience and interaction.

Don’t be part of the percentage that don’t get getting personal with marketing. To learn more about how your company can overcome the challenges and do customer experience and personalized marketing right, download a free link to the webinar HERE.

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