Digital Hollywood Fall- See what’s hot in Digital this Season

Last month, Future CX contributor, John Kottcamp, moderated a panel at Digital Hollywood’s fall trade conference. The discussion, titled, “Native Advertising: Digital Advertising Industry Gets Serious about Better Advertising,” featured marketing leaders from large, recognizable brands, such as Adobe’s Tim Waddell and Tongal’s James De Julio.

The topic of this panel discussion couldn’t have been more timely and topical. Online publications and other technologies have drastically reshaped and influenced traditional methods of advertising and brand promotion. Traditional advertising via print, radio and television continues to see decreased levels of investment as audiences turn their time and attention to online, streaming and other forms of content. This has led to the emergence of native advertising, where marketing messages are displayed alongside or in the place of traditional editorial content.

The shift towards native advertising isn’t without its detractors. In fact, HBO’s John Oliver recently dedicated a large portion of his, “Last Week Tonight,” program to the influence he feels native advertising is having on the broadcast news.

During the panel discussion, John and the other participants defined native advertising, dispelled myths about it and discussed how native advertising can be done more effectively. Additionally, panelists discussed how native advertising is an integral example of how relevance and personalization is increasingly important to the ever evolving Content Marketing field. John and panelists concluded that positive customer experience and delivering contextual relevance are no longer optional but instead required to be competitive in the marketplace.

If you’re interested in seeing what John and other prominent industry leaders had to say about native advertising and its effects on the advertising industry, check out the video below:

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