Ryan-headshot-croppedRyan Schradin
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Ryan is the Executive Editor of Future CX. A public relations, social media and marketing executive with over a decade in the industry, Ryan brings a deep knowledge of content marketing and content creation to the publication.

Picture1Brad Heidemann
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Brad is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of business, marketing and technology consultancy, Tahzoo. Prior to starting the company – and building it into an agency that serves the Fortune 500, maintaining offices from Amsterdam to Seattle – he began his career in the display department at Nordstrom when they had seven stores. From there he rose to hold various leadership positions – playing an important role in delivering the customer service that would make Nordstrom a household name. Seeking a new challenge he moved to Microsoft where he learned how to leverage technology to achieve business goals. His third career started with Ascentium, a leading marketing agency; here he absorbed how to build brands and market products. Brad incorporated his passion for great customer experiences, the technology to enable their delivery, and the marketing insight to craft them into Tahzoo. He also brings this passion and knowledge to Future CX, authoring articles about customer experience management, enterprise architecture, and digital global branding for the publication.

Picture2John P. Kottcamp
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John is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Tahzoo. John learned about customer experience and global markets from working with international companies like Lufthansa, T-Mobile and Gateway. He later put those ideas into practice helping clients as an agency executive at MRM Worldwide and Ascentium before co-founding Blab, a pioneer in predicative social intelligence. With Tahzoo, John leads the customer experience and digital marketing strategy practices, working with clients to solve their marketing problems, whether the solution requires branding and design, campaigns and analytics or marketing operations. John’s extensive experience and guiding principal of making businesses truly customer-centric make him a irreplaceable part of the Future CX editorial team, weighing in on topics ranging from customer experience management, digital marketing, social intelligence, data and analytics.

Picture3Misia Tramp
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Misia is the the Executive Vice President for Tahzoo’s Insights & Innovation Practice, helping clients develop the insight they need to deliver incredible customer experiences. Misia has an unmatched track record in using qualitative and quantitative research tools to deliver customer insight. A pioneer in her field, she has been the lead inventor on 12 patents; primarily focused on structuring social data to predict consumer behavior. In addition she is the creator of the SDL Customer Commitment Framework. Prior to joining Tahzoo, Misia helped found Intrepid Consultants which quickly became a leading agency insight and innovation agency with clients such as GE, Microsoft and Citi Group until it was acquired by Alterian. Most recently, she worked at SDL with the SDL SM2 social intelligence platform. Misia’s unrivaled experience with customer analytics and intelligence make her an important part of the Future CX editorial team, where she’ll share important best practices for using data to craft a more effective and measureable customer experience.

Picture4Ian Truscott
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Ian is the Senior Vice President of Content Strategy at Tahzoo. Ian has spent the last fifteen years working with or developing web content management, personalization and marketing technologies serving as a developer, practitioner, marketer and as a member of the leadership team for various recognized vendors. This has included a stint working with Gilbane group as an industry analyst and headed up Product Marketing at SDL. As Senior Vice President for Tahzoo’s Content Strategy Practice, Ian brings this diversity of experience to each client engagement, helping companies build content marketing strategies that deliver relevant and compelling customer experiences. Ian has also served on the board of directors of the Content Management Professionals Association. Ian shares his insights into creating a content strategy, content marketing and the role of content on customer experience to the Future CX editorial team.

Picture4Lisa Bonanno
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Lisa P. Bonanno serves as the Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Tahzoo. As a marketing veteran, Lisa works to set the brand vision and direction to build brand equity and drive revenue growth. Prior to joining Tahzoo, Lisa was the Senior Director, Corporate Marketing at Genesys|Angel, where she lead a 13-person team, building the Angel brand which lead to its acquisition by Genesys. Prior to Angel, Lisa lead the high profile B2C Signature Program, Help the Homeless, at Fannie Mae growing that Program year-over-year under her leadership. Lisa holds a Bachelors of Science Business Administration degree in Marketing from American University and a MBA from Marymount University.