About Us

Dear Future CX Readers,

The rise of online platforms and social media has created new and unique challenges for brands. The enterprise is no longer the only source of information for the consumer and they have – in some ways – lost control of the messaging and information that is available to their customers and prospects.

Technological innovations may be driving these new challenges, but they’re also creating new opportunities for senior level marketers and customer experience professionals. Data is becoming increasingly available, making it easier to see how content is being digested and how it’s impacting the bottom line. New technologies are also making it easier to create, publish and push content to key audiences in the ways they want to be communicated with.

It’s an exciting time for the individuals responsible for customer experience. In fact, customer experience has become so important that companies are moving quickly to hire CXOs – Chief Experience Officers – if they don’t already have them as part of their leadership team.

We created Future CX to serve as a forum and resource for CXOs and CMOs as they navigate this shifting customer experience and marketing landscape. This publication is intended to bring readers insights into the trends and topics shaping customer experience and marketing programs today, as well as in-depth interviews from the trenches with senior-level marketers and customer experience professionals who have experience managing these programs in an ever-evolving marketplace.

We hope that you check back frequently to see the latest news and discussions. We also hope that you engage with the community by sharing our content and commenting to help make this community a comprehensive resource for all marketing and customer experience professionals.



Ryan Schradin